The Road To Fallcrest

The Castle Awaits

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

Castle Graylyn, once the home of King Graylyn who ruled all of the land from The Lost Mountains to Escape River, from Winterhaven to Land’s End. That was before the Great Land Wars and his power was diminished to simply tending fields. It is said that there was once a plethora of wealth to be found within its walls, but now it appears that only death remains.

The party dismounted and got ready to approach the castle. Haldren’s men had taken cover behind trees and rocks and continued to fire upon the castle’s parapets where greenish and grayish heads and arms appear and throw stones and flaming balls down towards the men. Our heroes caught a glimpse of something that looks a bit like a very large wing during one of the volleys.

On the steps of the castle were four creatures carrying bows and notched arrows awaiting the party’s approach.

Otis, as usual, ran right up the steps and got up in their faces, while Zakuri, Baruby, Yawiga, and Jerath lobbed ranged attacks until the monsters dropped dead.



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