The Road To Fallcrest

Return To Hunter's Den

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

The party left the Dwarven Mines in The Lost Mountains and was greeted by Deitric Smithy, a young man with a penchant for songs. So enamored was he in the five adventurers, he made up a few songs on the spot with his lute as his cornerstone. Otis tried his hand at “playing” the lute and “accidentally” smashed it. Deitric was very happy with that saying: “Wow! My lute was smashed by Otis! BY OTIS HIMSELF!!!”
Unthwarted even by the party refusing his rabbit stew, hastily mounting their horses, and pretty much racing back to Hunter’s Den, Deitric tried to keep up, all the while bellowing out his latest song in praise of his new found heros.
When the party arrived back in Hunter’s Den, they were greeted with open arms and praise. Gaharanger said “You are truly worthy of better songs than Deitric’s”
Balthazar reiterated that he would create an item or pay for enchantment on an existing item for each of the party members.
Kyman and Eladry headed for Land’s End to tell Bakkas of the news, so that his father may bring reward to the party members.
Everyone in the party opted for enchantments except for Zakuri. Zakuri asked Gaharanger for access to his ritual books in lieu of weapons, armor, or enchantments. Which he was promptly granted.


New on Enchanted Records comes the break out artist Deitric Smithy! Here are a few of his soon to be chart smashing hits:

Everyone Will Know Who You Be
Although the venture was dark (so dark),
and the foes intense,
our brave few adventurers,
squelched the evil resistance.
Your story is legendary,
Everyone will know who you be,
Jerath, Zakuri, Yawiga, Otis and Baruby!

Captain Bars and The Demon
The captain of the skulls,
with bars upon his head,
faced the brave adventurers,
and now he’s twice as dead.
The demon like a crab,
With looting on his breath,
Will have to search for treasure now,
Eternally in his death.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
“Oh have you heard the story told
of five adventurers brave and bold.
They rescued lord and lady feldspah from small wood.
Returning them and their small kin
To Hunter’s Den and now within
The mountain mine they vanquished evil for the good.
Five adventurers are they
Brave and bold they save the day
And keep the love of Kyman safe and sound
They never thought to run away
Their hearts are braver in the fray
Within our hearts their story ever found.
Jerath is like a king of fey
Otis stronger than the day
Yawiga keeps the evil world at bay
Zakuri with his silent might
Baruby joins them in their fight
To rid the world of evil and they saved us from the night

Return To Hunter's Den

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