The Road To Fallcrest

Of Sons And Daughters

Chapter 1: The Fate Of The Miners

The party arrived in Hunter’s Den and met the owners of the Sleepy Hunter Inn, Cal and Jinny Felspah. They delivered Lord Felspah and his family and received a healthy reward (negotiated by Jerath). They learned about Eladry, Balthazar’s daughter, who was up at the mine during the time of the incident. The Felspahs explained that Balthazar, the local blacksmith, would probably be in the bar about now, and Gaharanger would be in his little magic shop, so the party members secured lodging (those that needed to sleep) and then set out to speak to the people in the town. Jerath and Zakuri headed to Gaharanger’s magic shop to learn about the note and tell him about the miners. Meanwhile, Otis and Yawiga found Balthazar at The Thirsty Hunter, where Otis intimidated Brandon Land, who abruptly shut his abusive mouth. Balthazar offered the build and/or pay for enchanted weapons for the group if they returned his daughter alive.
In the morning, after a good nights rest, the party enjoyed a hearty breakfast with the entire Felspah clan, and then headed off to meet Haldren, the Leader of the Hunter’s Guild to secure horses for the trip up the mountain. Haldren said “Our steeds are used for hunting. They are more precious to me than the men who ride them. I would not lend them to anyone, save those who seek the safe return of Eladry. If that is your intention, then please take as many as you need and make haste to the Lost Mountains.”
His right-hand man, Trandel guided the party to the mouth of the dwarves’ mine.



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