The Road To Fallcrest

Greeting Rogarth's Army

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

The party broke into the Castle and found quite a few goblins and hobgoblins waiting for them in the castle’s entrance hall. They set right to work. Yawiga and his spirit guide blocked enemies and healed those around him. Jerath cursed and teleported around the room with every death. Zakuri began placing his Cloud of Daggers in the most opportune locations and used a few other area spells to add a mix into the fray. Baruby fired his arrows, had some difficulty hitting all his targets, but added quite a few more kills to his name in spite of it. Otis began killing the goblins with a new found passion, as he understood all the empty threats being hurled at him.
Then it happened, one of the hobgoblins was able to reach another door and beat on it to get help. It opened up and a large Bugbear entered the fight. He was wielding a Dealthstalker Morningstar and started dealing damage to Otis. Zakuri hit them with an area effect that pushed the Bugbear away and a hobgolbin into the other room. He dropped a Cloud of Daggers right at the door, and used his Mage Hand to close the door that did not have the cloud in front of it. The Hobgoblin dropped a very strange looking pact dagger, its blade was completely black, so much so that no light can reflect from it. He barked some orders at a lesser goblin within that room and sent that poor goblin to his death as he ran scared right through the Cloud of Daggers and popped like a little green kernel of corn.
Otis rejoined the fight against the Bugbear only to discover that the Bugbear’s weapon packs a punch. Coming very close to death, Otis had to rely on Yawiga’s powerful primal magic to keep in the fight. Finally, the Bugbear was dispatched. The last remaining goblin sharpshooter decided that he needed to make a run for it and took off down a hall towards the stairs. Yawiga placed his spirit guide down the hall, to block the escape. But just seconds before making a break for it, one of Jerath’s cursed foes dropped dead, allowing Jerath to teleport right in the path of the fleeing monster. Jerath took a swing at him and cut him deeply. The goblin’s body slid underneath Yawiga’s spirit guide and looked up just before dying thinking “So…this is what the inside of a bear looks like…it’s transparent”

It was a pretty tough fight that lasted 17 minutes and the party is ready to continue exploring and killing.


To clarify it was 17 minutes of in-game time, but over an hour of play time.

Greeting Rogarth's Army

Another clarification, though minor and kinda nitpicky, Yawiga uses Primal power for his spells as a Shaman… not Arcane. :)

Greeting Rogarth's Army

noted and fixed, thanks.

Greeting Rogarth's Army

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