The Road To Fallcrest

Discovering The Fate

Chapter 1: The Fate Of The Miners

The party arrived at the mines in the Lost Mountains after a 1/2 days ride. Trandel told them that he would wait for 2 days for their return, and afterward he would need to return to his family but would send scouts every day to check on their return. He then made a camp as the heroes climbed into the mouth of the cave. There they met a pretty tough spider who didn’t go down as easily as expected. As the party moved deeper into the mine they began to encounter the first of many skeletons. They also met Baruby, a rogue who was trapped in a large spider web. After freeing him, Baruby agreed to accompany the heroes on their quest.
Jareth found a nifty little bag and the party found a couple of boots among the remains of the dwarf quarters. They then met up with a skeleton that had captain bars carved into his skull. He was decked out in the best armor he could steal from the dwarves and forcing his grunts to search for some hidden wall or door. He put up a good fight, stood toe-to-toe with Otis, but then all went downhill as he tried to make a hasty retreat to a deeper area of the mines. Zakuri blocked his path with a burning area attack, while Yawiga and his bear slowed the captain’s progress even more. In the end, the captain’s head was taken as a souvenir by Jareth, who was voicing some creative ways to display it. Jareth then deciphered the tricky puzzle and revealed a hidden room where Eladry was hiding. Eladry described, the best she could, what had happened in the mines, and then was escorted back to Hunter’s Den by Trandel.
The party continued onward to the seam. There they met up with a Troglodyte Cursechanter and a Mezzodemon. The Troglodyte was attempting to bring forth a Death Knight and the Mezzodemon was attempting to bring forth some more gold without working too hard at it. The party met them head on and even took out the few Blazing Skeletons that were spawning into the room. The Troglodyte said some things about some beings named “Orcus, Rogarth, and Slathe”, and was under the false impression that he had served them well, when according to Otis he failed pretty miserably. All in all our heroes have put in a long 2 days in the mines and are deserving of some fan-fare, rewards, and rest back in Hunter’s Den.


Poor Captain Bars. Perhaps he will prove more useful as Jarreth’s implement than as a soldier.

Discovering The Fate

The Fell world was rocked today when it was announced that everyone’s beloved friend and commander, Captain White Chocolate Bars was killed today during a routine search of a recently deserted (forcibly deserted by the dwarves) mine today.
“He was always so cheerful and full of life,” stated his best friend from the skeleton academy, Captain Puppy Paws, “He had a way of making you forget that he was an animated set of bones.”
Captain Bars had just written a letter home to his wife letting her know that he had found a bunch of cool armor and wanted to take her out for a stumble in the dead park.
The evil minions of Rogarth have announced that they will be holding a funeral for their dearly departed Captain Bars. Captain Bars is survived by his wife and three baby skeletons. Captain Puppy Paws will be delivering the opening words, followed by the Fell Eulogy. Time: Around Mid-Day Place: The Old Abandoned Cemetery Near Small Woods. Attendants are reminded to leave all skeleton damaging weapons and powers at home.

Discovering The Fate

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