The Road To Fallcrest

A Bloody Little Drink

Chapter 1: The Fate Of The Miners

The party arrived in Land’s End and met each other in the Rusty Drum; a local tavern owned and operated by Burton Lander. Jerath took the lead as they chatted with Burton as well as Cielia Leddel, the barmaid. The party learned that about 3 months ago a group of dwarves came through Land’s End, bought up all the adventuring and mining supplies, and headed for The Lost Mountains in search of gold. Otis tried, and spat out, the three alcoholic drinks Burton had to offer, finally settling on water. Yawiga partook in the clear liquid as well. Only Zakuri did not drink, eat, nor talk, probably because he has no mouth. As the party was orienting themselves in this new land, they were interrupted by Bakkas Nanidak; a bloodied dwarf that came rushing into the tavern shouting about devils and demons and death. Burton, possibly overreacting, killed Bakkas’s horse who was trying to catch its breath outside. Yawiga healed Bakkas and nursed him back to health enough for the party to learn that demons attacked the miners just as they uncovered the first seam of gold in the Lost Mountain mines. Bakkas was carrying a note, possibly written in Barazhad, which Burton encouraged the party to take to Gahranger in Hunter’s Den. Bakkas expained that his father would pay a large reward to anyone who could reclaim the mine and avenge the miners’ deaths. Our brave heroes accepted this mission, took the note, and headed out on foot towards Hunter’s Den.



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