The Road To Fallcrest

Whip It Good

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

The party decided to go down a long stairwell and found themselves in the dungeon where the torturer was waiting for some new playthings. Otis burst through the door and put the smack-down on the torturer, killing him before he even had a chance to think about what was happening. One of his workers ran, throwing caution to the wind, into the holding cell area. The party dispatched the remaining workers and heading after the fleeing one. As they entered the cell area, it became clear that something was amiss. The floor and walls were squeaky clean, as if a Gelatinous Cube lived here…and it did. The party fought hard, except for Baruby, who originally decided to flee, but then returned only to be quite ineffective with his bolts. Eventually both the worker and the cube we disposed. And the party set to breaking the trap door they found in the ceiling of one of the torture cells. They rigged it to open if anyone stood on it, and then Otis created a spiked pit by shoving short swords through one of the dead bodies and placing under the trap door. They locked the cell and heading off to other parts of the castle.



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