The Road To Fallcrest

Fit For A King

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

After deciding to stick together (Jerath wanted to split up to cover more ground), the party found themselves in the entrance hall of the King’s Chamber where four Hobgoblin Archers waited to shoot the party through killing slots. Busy chatting about the impending visit from Rogarth, the hobgoblins were unaware of the party sneaking into the entrance chamber, crouching down (except for Otis and Baruby who did not have to crouch) below the slots, and attempting to open the locked doors and thereby gain surprise on the archers. Unfortunately for the party, one of the archers noticed the entrance door open, and sent a lacky to close it. Fortunately for the party, the lacky was completely surprised to find a group of people waiting on the other side of the locked door he opened to gain access to the entrance hall. Zakuri and Otis took the opportunity to bring the fight to the inside, while Baruby’s god smiled upon him as he fired through the killing slots, twice critically hitting an archer on the opposite side. Jerath rained some death through the slots and then teleported through one to bring death from the rear (the archers and warriors were mostly running towards the door where Otis and Zakuri battled). Baruby failed to pick the lock on the other door, but it made little difference as two warriors came busting through the door, only to be stopped “dead” in their tracks by Yawiga and Baruby. After dispatching all the enemies at the security area, the party headed down the main hall towards the King’s bedroom. They stopped at the hand maidens’ rooms, finding locked chests that Baruby skillfully picked, and gained some additional wealth. They then headed to the King’s Bedroom, and (as Rogarth labeled it) “Death (hopefully death)”



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