The Road To Fallcrest

Feasting With The King

Chapter 2: The Army Of Rogarth

The adventurers then headed to the banquet hall and throne room area where they began to remove the hobgoblins working there by killing them. One got through a door and introduced our heroes to Rogarth, a drow assassin charged with raising the goblin army. Rogarth put up a fight, using some lothbound goblins to absorb some of the attacks, but then she too found herself in a fight or flight situation, and decided to make a run for it. She made it all the way to the steps of the throne room before Otis caught up with her and knocked her unconscious. Meanwhile, Jareth and Yawiga found themselves roasting alive in a fire trap. The goblin that trapped them opened a window to see how well done they were and Jerath took the opportunity to teleport through the window, kill the goblin, and turn off the oven, saving Yawiga from certain death. The party then smacked Rogarth awake and interrogated her. They learned that her sister, Slaithe, was a priest attempting to bring Orcus and his undead army through a portal. Slaithe was working in Darken Forrest, where mortals dare not roam. She told them of her first in command, Ceryal, a hobgoblin who was preparing the troops to march through Hunter’s Den, Small Wood, and to Land’s End. Finally, when she had nothing more the party could smack out of her, they dropped her onto the trap door, impaling her on the make-shift pungi sticks in the torturer’s cell below the thrones. Rogarth died disgraced that she was killed by mere “treasure hunters”.

The party then found the library and a few interesting documents as well as a ritual scroll.



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